All our kitchen products are made from Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd’s FSC® certified wood, that is harvested from our forests and milled and transformed on site or by artisans in the surrounding areas.

The wooden kitchen products are hand crafted and one-of-a- kind; made from bass wood, maple, cherry or beech among other species.

The kitchen products range from spoons and knives to cutting boards and wine holders. Wooden kitchen accessories compliment any kitchen since it is a natural and durable product. All of our kitchen products are stain free and treated with mineral oil to ensure that the wood remains beautiful. Once purchased mineral oil can be reapplied as necessary.

Feel good about using these all natural kitchen products in your home.

Hardwood boards in the shape of various North American animals. Great used as a cutting board, chees..
BBQ Fork
A simple two pronged wooden work designed with a slight curve and sharp ends. This is the perfect bb..
Bread Board
Simple bread boards with comfortable handle, each unique and made from sustainable hard wood. Serve ..
Butcher Block Cutting Board
These beautifully crafted cutting boards comprise of various types of wood, that are highlighted in ..
Chaga Cookbook
This cookbook allows you to incorporate your chaga into your everday recipes. From breakfast to dese..
Cheese Board
Simple rectangular one-of-a-kind cheese boards made from sustainable hard woods. They make a great c..
All Forest Soaps are very mild and have moisturizing properties. They contain olive oil as well as c..
Multifunctional for serving up your favourite dishes, from salads to steak to pasta,  these lar..
Haliburton Forest Gift Card
These Haliburton Forest Gift Cards are the perfect present! The can be used to purchase all kin..
Honey Dipper
This is our take on the traditional honey dipper. Simple design, but ideal for getting honey from th..
A wooden knife? Yes! Hand crafted from beautiful wood with a sturdy handle and a long, sharp knife e..
Large Wooden Spoon
A very popular must have for any kitchen,  is this wooden spoon. Perfect for stirring or dishin..
Simple but effective. This hard wood mallet is versatile enough to be used in the shop or in the kit..
Napkin Holder
The silhouette of a wolf's head is used in this simple and practical design. Keep your favorite napk..
Napkin Ring
These simple little rings look perfect on any table. Made of beautiful wooden they will go with any ..
Oven Wolf Pull
Having trouble pulling the hot oven rack out? This ,wooden silhouette of a wolf head, tool can help...
Pasta Measure
A beatiful piece of wood with various serving sizes for your pasta. Never make too little or too muc..
Pot Watcher
These adorable heart shaped pot watchers are the perfect tool to use while cooking. The heart sits o..
A beautifully turned solid hardwood rolling pin. Please note that this is a one-piece rolling pin an..
This simple design allows you to easily serve your favorite salads. Shaped to resemble human hands o..