Home Accessories

Home Accessories

The beautifully crafted home accessories are hand made from sustainable FSCĀ® certified wood exclusively form the Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd.

Each piece is uniquely hand crafted with no two items exactly alike.

The natural beauty of the woods are shown in our wide range of products for the home or cottage from book ends and hooks to bread boards and burl candle holders.

Wood offers great versatility and strength, while adding a natural warmth to any space. It is simple to maintain and ages beautifully.

Key Chain
These small paddle shaped key chains are made from beautiful hard wood with canadian imagery on one ..
Large Wooden Spoon
A very popular must have for any kitchen,  is this wooden spoon. Perfect for stirring or dishin..
Loonie Bank
A fun way to save money. The wooden silhouette of a loon is sandwiched between two clear pieces..
Simple but effective. This hard wood mallet is versatile enough to be used in the shop or in the kit..
Napkin Holder
The silhouette of a wolf's head is used in this simple and practical design. Keep your favorite napk..
An assortment of hand crafted wooden ornaments. Beautiful left natural wood or painetd. Large star, ..
Oven Wolf Pull
Having trouble pulling the hot oven rack out? This ,wooden silhouette of a wolf head, tool can help...
Paddle Holder - Double
A wall mounted paddle holder that allows two paddles to hang side by side vertically on your wall. T..
Paddle Holder - Single
An individual wall mounted paddle holder that allows your paddle to hang vertically on your wall. Th..
Pot Watcher
These adorable heart shaped pot watchers are the perfect tool to use while cooking. The heart sits o..
A beautifully turned solid hardwood rolling pin. Please note that this is a one-piece rolling pin an..
This simple design allows you to easily serve your favorite salads. Shaped to resemble human hands o..
Salad Servers
These beautiful, sleek and simply shaped salad servers are great for tossing  and serving your ..
Serving Tray
A beautiful slab of wood with live edges, sits flat on any surface and has hand holes on either end...
Set of 4 Coasters
These square checker board or striped wooden coaters are beautifully made with various types of wood..
Single Wine Rack
This very simple design effectively displays a single bottle of wine or other bottle. Made from beau..
Souvenir Paddles
 These paddles, measure 24 inches in length, are the perfect souvenir from Haliburton Forest an..
Table Lamp
We make everything out of wood. This fun and functional lamp is no exception. Made from beautiful ha..
Wolf Bank
A fun way to save money. The wooden silhouette of a wolf  or loon sandwiched between two clear ..
Wolf Toilet Paper Holder
There is nothing ordinary about this toilet paper holder. This simple wooden design showcases the si..