Home Accessories

Home Accessories

The beautifully crafted home accessories are hand made from sustainable FSCĀ® certified wood exclusively form the Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd.

Each piece is uniquely hand crafted with no two items exactly alike.

The natural beauty of the woods are shown in our wide range of products for the home or cottage from book ends and hooks to bread boards and burl candle holders.

Wood offers great versatility and strength, while adding a natural warmth to any space. It is simple to maintain and ages beautifully.

Hardwood boards in the shape of various North American animals. Great used as a cutting board, chees..
BBQ Fork
A simple two pronged wooden work designed with a slight curve and sharp ends. This is the perfect bb..
Birch Candle Holder - Horizontal
Birch looks beautiful in any setting at any time of the year. These birch candle holders contain sev..
Boot Remover
We've all gotten our socks dirty while struggling to get our second boot off. No need to struggle an..
Bread Board
Simple bread boards with comfortable handle, each unique and made from sustainable hard wood. Serve ..
Burl Book Ends
Made from burls off the sides of hard wood trees. These bookends are cut to highlight the grain of e..
Burl Candle Holder
Each one is different and beautifully contains one or more tealights. Made from burls, which are the..
Burl Turtle
Individual and fun looking burl turtles bring a piece of natural indoors. Either as a door stop, pap..
Butcher Block Cutting Board
These beautifully crafted cutting boards comprise of various types of wood, that are highlighted in ..
Candle Holders - Vertical
Birch and poplar look beautiful in any setting at any time of the year. These vertical candle holder..
Cheese Board
Simple rectangular one-of-a-kind cheese boards made from sustainable hard woods. They make a great c..
Coat Rack
A naturally beautiful slab with simple dowels added to support any garment. Each piece is uniquely d..
Coin Display Boards
Each board is made from a different piece of wood with indentations to fit the Canadian penny, nicke..
Folding Side Table
This small side table is great for those on the go and can fit in any space. It stores flat and is s..
All Forest Soaps are very mild and have moisturizing properties. They contain olive oil as well as c..
Haliburton Forest Gift Card
These Haliburton Forest Gift Cards are the perfect present! The can be used to purchase all kin..
This wooden toy is great for children of all ages. A simple horses head silhouette with handles to h..
Hobby Paddles
 These paddles, measure 36 inches in length, are the perfect souvenir from Haliburton Forest an..
Honey Dipper
This is our take on the traditional honey dipper. Simple design, but ideal for getting honey from th..
Horizontal Paddle Holder
A wall mounted paddle holder that allow a paddle to hang horizontally on your wall using the weight ..